What To Look For When Hiring A Pro

The college application process is competitive and daunting for many students. You’re trying to make the decision where you’re going to school for the next four years or longer. In some cases, you’re deciding to move across the country or incur major financial debt to go to a top college. You don’t want to take this decision lightly. A college admission consultant can help! But, only if you hire the right one.

What to look for in a consultant

college admission consultant is going to consult with you about colleges, choosing a school, applications, and other relevant information about getting into college. So, how do you know who the right consultant is to work with you? Some things to look for/ask include

  1. If they have a degree in consulting, higher education, or a certificate in consulting
  2. How long they’ve been in the field, and what their track record is in assisting applicants
  3. The process they’ll take, what they answer, and how they guide you through the process
  4. Whether they belong to any professional organizations or not
  5. If the consultant has experience with college admissions or if they are experienced with high school consulting work

These are only a few of many questions you should ask, and information you should learn, prior to hiring a consultant.

Do you need a consultant?

No, however, depending on the colleges you’re applying to, it’s helpful. A consultant can help you set your goals properly and help you follow through with them. A consultant will also set realistic expectations. Although they can’t and shouldn’t guarantee acceptance, the top consultants know what it takes to get into colleges. They understand the application process, what colleges look for, and the information you have to include in your application.

Therefore, if you’re competing for a seat in an Ivy-league program, you might want to work with a consultant. If you’re applying to community college first, then plan on transferring to save some money, you might not need a consultant to help you. Especially if you have already been accepted into the programs you are applying for.

Like anything, college consultation work is optional and won’t guarantee your admission into a top college or university. But, it can help the very top echelon of students competing for a seat in their target college. Make sure you ask the right questions and talk to a few consultants prior to hiring one … Read the rest