How To Wear Claddagh Ring

Although Richard Joyce is perhaps not the first Irish goldsmith that created the Claddagh design, his iteration certainly became the most prominent one. The woeful tale of huge love, loss, and passionate reunion is recorded in this ring.

Meaning Of Claddagh Ring

Can you imagine the romance of design that features a pair of hands that warmly hold a heart above which is a crown? All these details have a special meaning, and each of them is important to our marriage and life. The hands represent friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart symbolizes love.

How To Wear It?

These rings do not necessarily have to be used for marriage. Depending on which finger you place it and point of direction, the Claddagh ring can tell a lot about your status, you do not even have to say a word:

  • When wearing on the right hand ring finger and pointing the heart to your wrist, it means you are in a lovely relationship.
  • If you wear it on the right hand ring finger but point heart at your fingertip, then you are sending I’m single signal.
  • If you need it as an engagement right, then place it on your left hand while facing the heart towards the fingertip.
  • And finally, wear it on your ring finger, pointing to your wrist to show everyone how happily married you are.

Different Claddagh Ring Styles

You can find traditional models in silver and gold. Although the basic design is the same, you can also find some models with changed elements. So if you are interested in modern jewelry, you can find one with birthstones and other precious gemstones. Therefore, look for a piece that matches your own personal style.

The Takeaway

The Claddagh ring is well known traditional Irish ring. It is used to represent friendship, loyalty, and love. Data suggests that this valuable ring was first time produced somewhere in the 17th century.

This ring is made according to special rules that were established a long time ago, all with the aim to maintain the unsurpassed appearance like when it first time appeared and conquered the whole world.

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