Your California Real Estate Lender

Very few of us could afford a home without a real estate loan. When you need money for a home, you need it quickly.

You can contact experienced lenders at California Hard Money Direct if you live in California. They have years of experience with hard money loans for individual and corporate clients. They provide hard money loans – (loans granted because they are secured by real property.)

Years of experience allow them to review your loan application quickly. Real estate transactions are time-sensitive, and if you don’t have pre-approval, you might lose your opportunity to buy the home or business property you need.

California Hard Money Direct has a reputation for closing hard money loan applications within 5-10 days. They often approve many loans that other lenders won’t even consider. California Hard Money Direct has received 5-star ratings from its customers. When you apply for a loan at California Hard Money Direct, they give you access to their loan tracking system so you can check on your progress toward approval.

Hard Money Loans can be granted for the following reasons:

Bridge Loans – short-term loans against existing property while buying a new one. Once the new property is purchased, the loan is paid off from the proceeds of the sale of the existing property.

Commercial Hard Money Loans – loans for business or industrial properties.

Construction Completion Loans – for funds needed to buy materials for constructing a home or office

Distressed Property Loans – for properties in foreclosure or short sales. These properties would be in poor condition.

Estate Loans – associated with the probate process or funeral expenses; they are taken against the expected inheritance funds

Fix & Flip Loans –for those who intend to repair or upgrade a home; in hopes of selling it at a profit

Investment Property Loans – for those purchasing property they intend to rent or sell to others.

Land Loans – granted in large metropolitan areas (with significant down payments only)

Multiple Resident Loans – for properties intended to house multiple tenants.

Non-QM Loans –for those who don’t qualify for loans due to poor credit. If they can prove sufficient income to repay the loan, the loan may be granted.

Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans – for those who can prove sufficient income for repayment of a loan to their existing property

Private Money Loans – given based on property … Read the rest

Ensuring that T-shirt ordered online will fit properly

While it is convenient to order clothes online, many online buyers find that the clothes they purchase online do not fit them properly. Though usually the height and weight of a person are used to decide the size of the clothes they order, the reality is that the shape of each buyers body will differ significantly based on genetics, fitness levels and other factors. Returning clothes which do not fit properly is inconvenient and time consuming for both the buyer and seller since money is wasted shipping clothes which are returned. Hence to overcome this problem, True Classic tees has a find my fit feature to find the right size of clothes which fit properly

The T-shirts and other clothes ordered from True classic will fit the buyer properly if they match the body shape of the buyer. Offline, tailors are using a measuring tape to find out the exact shape and stitch clothes accordingly. Since customers are ordering their t-shirts or other garments online, True classic is offering virtual fitting room service for the customers, to help them indicate the shape of their body, so that the garments which they order online are fitting perfectly, they do not have to alter them or return them.

The main parameter which determine the body shape are the weight and height of the individual, since the weight is distributed all over the body. Additionally the body shape will also change depending on the age. So for finding the right fit, the customer has to first specify his height in inches or centimeters, weight in pounds or kilograms and age. After this the fitting room software will generate the dimensions of the body based on standard data available with them. The customer can then adjust the body dimensions according to his actual dimensions to get the right fit

While ordering a t-shirt the main dimensions which are required for perfect fitting are the length of the chest, waist and hips. The fitting software will automatically provide the standard dimensions based on height, weight and age. If the customer wants a perfectly fitting t-shirt he should measure his exact dimensions using a tape, to adjust parameters provided accordingly. The dimensions of the chest will vary as the customer breathes, so the largest dimension should be considered. Additionally in some cases, customers may order t-shirts with long sleeves so the length of the arm and … Read the rest

What are the benefits of endodontic therapy?

Oral health is a hot topic these days. With the advent of newer, more effective dental hygiene measures, we have avoided many painful procedures that we used to experience. However, endodontics therapy has proven itself to be an essential part of fighting tooth decay.

What is endodontic therapy?

Endodontic therapy is a dental procedure used to treat infection or inflammation in the tooth pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth which contains the nerves and blood vessels. When this area becomes infected, it can be extremely painful.

Endodontic therapy involves removing the infected pulp and replacing it with a filling. This procedure is also known as a root canal. In some cases, a crown may be placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

What are the benefits of endodontic therapy?

Endodontic therapy can be extremely beneficial for patients with infected tooth pulp. Some of the benefits of this procedure include:

Relief from pain: One of the most obvious benefits of endodontics therapy is that it can relieve the pain associated with an infected tooth pulp. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause great discomfort. The pain will be alleviated by removing the infected pulp and replacing it with a filling.

Prevention of further damage: By removing the infected pulp, endodontic therapy can also help to prevent further damage to the tooth. You may not realize it, but an infected pulp can lead to further decay and tooth loss. By having the procedure done, you can help to avoid these problems.

Save the tooth: In many cases, endodontic therapy can help save the tooth affected by the infection. When the pulp is removed, the tooth will no longer be able to become infected. This means you will not have to worry about losing the tooth.

Improve oral health: By preventing further damage to the tooth and saving it from extraction, endodontics therapy can also help to improve overall oral health. When a tooth is lost, it can lead to several problems, including shifting teeth and gaps in the smile. By keeping the tooth healthy, you can help to avoid these problems.

Endodontic therapy is a vital procedure for anyone who has an infected tooth pulp. The benefits of this therapy are numerous and can help to improve your oral health in several ways. If you think that you may need endodontic therapy, be … Read the rest

Reasons You Need a Small Business Lawyer

Are you a small business owner? Contrary to the famously held belief that you don’t need an attorney, you need one. All small businesses should retain a go-to attorney they can consult on various business issues. Sometimes, you’ll need an attorney more than other times. Regardless, it is always beneficial to have a lawyer to contact whenever you want to review a contract or resolve a major dispute.

Small businesses need to have a lawyer to contact when setting up operations. A good small business lawyer accords the proprietor with vital trademark and copyright advice, helping them remain compliant with the zoning requirements. Further, they help the small business owners incorporate their businesses and also advise them on ways of avoiding potential lawsuits. Beyond all these, a small business attorney can help you with the following:

Drafting Contracts

The attorney can help small business owners prepare or draft standard form contracts that they can use for their suppliers and clients. Hence, if you are a small business owner, you won’t have to worry regarding liabilities or other legal concerns that you could have avoided.


There are many laws affecting firing and hiring practices. And various considerations to make when hiring independent contractors versus employees. Before beginning an interview process, ensure that you consult your attorney to avert mistakes that could potentially result in a lawsuit.


Every business needs some registration for the state and federal tax identification numbers, something that a small business attorney could certainly help with.

Tax Advice

Your accountant can prepare and file the tax returns for your small business. However, the small business attorney can provide valuable advice on your business transactions’ tax implications and help you save some money.

Intellectual Property

Many small business attorneys have very close working relationships with intellectual property experts. Hence, they can help you register your innovative new products for copyright and trademark protection.

Zoning and Real Estate Laws

Many business/commercial property leases are complex and specifically drafted to benefit the landlord. Hence, seek the advice of an attorney before signing that lease agreement. The lawyer will ensure that a “tenant addendum” with clauses that could benefit you is added.

Bottom Line

Legal input is critical in whatever you do as a small business owner. As you can see from above, a small business lawyer can benefit your small enterprise in several ways, and those aren’t all. At … Read the rest