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While it is convenient to order clothes online, many online buyers find that the clothes they purchase online do not fit them properly. Though usually the height and weight of a person are used to decide the size of the clothes they order, the reality is that the shape of each buyers body will differ significantly based on genetics, fitness levels and other factors. Returning clothes which do not fit properly is inconvenient and time consuming for both the buyer and seller since money is wasted shipping clothes which are returned. Hence to overcome this problem, True Classic tees has a find my fit feature to find the right size of clothes which fit properly

The T-shirts and other clothes ordered from True classic will fit the buyer properly if they match the body shape of the buyer. Offline, tailors are using a measuring tape to find out the exact shape and stitch clothes accordingly. Since customers are ordering their t-shirts or other garments online, True classic is offering virtual fitting room service for the customers, to help them indicate the shape of their body, so that the garments which they order online are fitting perfectly, they do not have to alter them or return them.

The main parameter which determine the body shape are the weight and height of the individual, since the weight is distributed all over the body. Additionally the body shape will also change depending on the age. So for finding the right fit, the customer has to first specify his height in inches or centimeters, weight in pounds or kilograms and age. After this the fitting room software will generate the dimensions of the body based on standard data available with them. The customer can then adjust the body dimensions according to his actual dimensions to get the right fit

While ordering a t-shirt the main dimensions which are required for perfect fitting are the length of the chest, waist and hips. The fitting software will automatically provide the standard dimensions based on height, weight and age. If the customer wants a perfectly fitting t-shirt he should measure his exact dimensions using a tape, to adjust parameters provided accordingly. The dimensions of the chest will vary as the customer breathes, so the largest dimension should be considered. Additionally in some cases, customers may order t-shirts with long sleeves so the length of the arm and fist dimensions are required. Similarly for t-shirts with a collar, neck dimensions may be required.