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Are you a small business owner? Contrary to the famously held belief that you don’t need an attorney, you need one. All small businesses should retain a go-to attorney they can consult on various business issues. Sometimes, you’ll need an attorney more than other times. Regardless, it is always beneficial to have a lawyer to contact whenever you want to review a contract or resolve a major dispute.

Small businesses need to have a lawyer to contact when setting up operations. A good small business lawyer accords the proprietor with vital trademark and copyright advice, helping them remain compliant with the zoning requirements. Further, they help the small business owners incorporate their businesses and also advise them on ways of avoiding potential lawsuits. Beyond all these, a small business attorney can help you with the following:

Drafting Contracts

The attorney can help small business owners prepare or draft standard form contracts that they can use for their suppliers and clients. Hence, if you are a small business owner, you won’t have to worry regarding liabilities or other legal concerns that you could have avoided.


There are many laws affecting firing and hiring practices. And various considerations to make when hiring independent contractors versus employees. Before beginning an interview process, ensure that you consult your attorney to avert mistakes that could potentially result in a lawsuit.


Every business needs some registration for the state and federal tax identification numbers, something that a small business attorney could certainly help with.

Tax Advice

Your accountant can prepare and file the tax returns for your small business. However, the small business attorney can provide valuable advice on your business transactions’ tax implications and help you save some money.

Intellectual Property

Many small business attorneys have very close working relationships with intellectual property experts. Hence, they can help you register your innovative new products for copyright and trademark protection.

Zoning and Real Estate Laws

Many business/commercial property leases are complex and specifically drafted to benefit the landlord. Hence, seek the advice of an attorney before signing that lease agreement. The lawyer will ensure that a “tenant addendum” with clauses that could benefit you is added.

Bottom Line

Legal input is critical in whatever you do as a small business owner. As you can see from above, a small business lawyer can benefit your small enterprise in several ways, and those aren’t all. At Stone & Sallus LLP, we have experienced attorneys in business law who can help you deal with all of the above and prepare for litigation. Consult us today before signing any agreement by calling us at (310) 889-0233.