Your California Real Estate Lender

Very few of us could afford a home without a real estate loan. When you need money for a home, you need it quickly.

You can contact experienced lenders at California Hard Money Direct if you live in California. They have years of experience with hard money loans for individual and corporate clients. They provide hard money loans – (loans granted because they are secured by real property.)

Years of experience allow them to review your loan application quickly. Real estate transactions are time-sensitive, and if you don’t have pre-approval, you might lose your opportunity to buy the home or business property you need.

California Hard Money Direct has a reputation for closing hard money loan applications within 5-10 days. They often approve many loans that other lenders won’t even consider. California Hard Money Direct has received 5-star ratings from its customers. When you apply for a loan at California Hard Money Direct, they give you access to their loan tracking system so you can check on your progress toward approval.

Hard Money Loans can be granted for the following reasons:

Bridge Loans – short-term loans against existing property while buying a new one. Once the new property is purchased, the loan is paid off from the proceeds of the sale of the existing property.

Commercial Hard Money Loans – loans for business or industrial properties.

Construction Completion Loans – for funds needed to buy materials for constructing a home or office

Distressed Property Loans – for properties in foreclosure or short sales. These properties would be in poor condition.

Estate Loans – associated with the probate process or funeral expenses; they are taken against the expected inheritance funds

Fix & Flip Loans –for those who intend to repair or upgrade a home; in hopes of selling it at a profit

Investment Property Loans – for those purchasing property they intend to rent or sell to others.

Land Loans – granted in large metropolitan areas (with significant down payments only)

Multiple Resident Loans – for properties intended to house multiple tenants.

Non-QM Loans –for those who don’t qualify for loans due to poor credit. If they can prove sufficient income to repay the loan, the loan may be granted.

Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans – for those who can prove sufficient income for repayment of a loan to their existing property

Private Money Loans – given based on property … Read the rest